For years I have answered messages from folks who want an “AR-15 in .308”. I always go through the explanation of cartridge length, magazine length and every other dimension that confirms why there is no such thing as a .308 AR-15. Well I can’t say that any longer because the POF Revolution while not a true AR-15 it comes really close from a size perspective with all the related parts.

Read the info below and follow the link to the POF website and see for yourself what an amazing piece of engineering the POF Revolution is.

The following information will help you truly understand the differences between the design of the Revolution vs the AR10 platform.

The Colt 901 was the first attempt at reducing the size of the large action/frame of the AR10. DPMS mimicked the design and showed the GII two years later at Shot Show. Many other companies have copied this trend resulting in more “me too” products. They call this the “small frame” AR10. We will now refer to it as an “intermediate frame.”

The Revolution is an AR15 that is engineered to shoot the .308/7.62×51 cartridge. We started with the footprint of the M16 and added the overmatch force multiplying punch of the .308/7.62×51 battle rifle.

Continue reading at the POF website

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