Firearm Industry Notes and Little Known Facts

What’s the purpose of this page? As of beginning this page April, 08, 2019 the gun industry is in a weird place. Donald Trump is President, control of Washington is split between Republicans and Democrats. I won’t even mention the makeup of the Democratic party other than it’s getting crazy.

Bump stocks have been banned, Californians were able to buy standard capacity magazines for one week due to the ban being temporarily overturned. The gun industry is in a slump, the market is saturated with hardware, suppliers are becoming manufacturers, manufacturers are no longer respecting the territory of others.  It’s all kind of sad as new sales aren’t being generated it’s more of an environment of everyone fighting for the same crumbs. Add to this the economy is showing signs that it will slip and that makes everyone nervous.

Now with that said the firearm industry has always notoriously been volatile. I do think though that the smaller companies without a niche and deep pockets may not make it. So what’s the purpose of this page? The first purpose is to simply keep score of who is who in the industry, industry comings and goings. A simple change of ownership of a company can negatively affect a company and the quality of it’s products (Remington, Para Ordnance, Bushmaster) are three examples and shooters need to know this.

That said, everything isn’t doom and gloom.  We will also keep track of note worthy positive changes in the industry. This isn’t a new’s page it’s more of a historical archive and reference. An example would be a 10-15 years ago all the AR-15 receivers were made by a small group of manufacturers and most found that surprising if not shocking. Whatever happened to Si Defense? Mega Arms etc. That’s the other reason for this page.

Aero Precision

  • Aero Precision owns VG6 Precision a niche manufacturer of highly engineered, high-end muzzle devices, flash light mounts, as well as other precision firearm accessories and components

Mega Arms

  • Mega Arms is currently owned by Zev Tecnologies also known as  Zevtech. Mega Arms as a brand no longer exists.

SI Defense

  • Si Defense is now Falkor Defense
  • Nemo Arms and SI Defense at one point merged. Today Nemo Arms is it’s own entity