When you read the comments below from CMMG understand that there are CMMG AR 308’s that are completely differnt than what is represented on this page. CMMG was in the .308 game very early with FAL magazine based lowers. Visit this page for more info on the early designs.


CMMG Resolute MK3 AR 308
CMMG Resolute MK3 AR 308

The Mk3 is our line of receivers based off the LR-308 High Pattern 308 rifles. They are made from Billet 7075 T6 Aluminum, and work with LR-308/SR25 style magazines.

CMMG Mk3 Platform Specifications


  • CMMG Mk3 Uppers: Typically compatible with lowers using SR25 magazines.
  • Not compatible with lowers using FAL magazines.
  • Typically compatible with DPMS Gen1 parts and accessories

Buffer Weight(s):

  • Rifle (A1) = 5.4oz
  • Carbine = 3.9oz
  • Bolt Carrier Group Materials:
  • Bolt – Steel, 9310
  • Carrier – Steel, 8620
  • Extractor – Steel, S-7
  • Ejector – Steel, S-7

Currently available in the following calibers:

  • .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO)
  • 6.5 Creedmoor

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