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Welcome to AR 308 a blog devoted to the AR-15’s older and larger siblings the AR-10, AR 308 and G2/Intermediate platforms. Chances are you already know us from our main website and it’s Online Community. I know what your thinking, why duplicate efforts? Truth is that’s not exactly the case. is born out of necessity, actually a few necessities. For starters has been around since 2006 and that’s a long history for an informational website. That long history is a blessing and a curse. Originally the site was an old fashioned static website where a few years ago the old information was painstakingly brought into the blogging platform WordPress.

A lot has happened since 2006 for starters it could be said that the AR-10/AR-308 platforms despite being older than the AR-15 were in their infancy from a consumer, military and law enforcement standpoint. Today the .308 based platforms have become as mainstream as an AR-15, Glock or a Colt 1911. This has also rendered much of our original content obsolete.

This obsoletion also has occurred within the WordPress itself which makes updating the old content painfully slow and tedious. The 3rd party system used to create the pages within our WordPress site needs to go away but that requires manually editing and formatting hundreds of posts, pages and images. That’s going to take a long time to complete and we will do it, in fact we are exploring our options right now.

With that said the decision was made to start clean with a streamlined version of the site, this site. While will remain the primary site for the foreseeable future AR 308 will be utilized for the most important technical information in an easy to use and comment on format.

We hope you find our effort useful.

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